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Major updates from now on will come in pairs of three.

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- Most of Europe's provinces have been set with the exception of some countries such as Turkey.

- Most flags have been changed

- Music has been changed, as well as loading screens

- The war in Ethiopia is fully functional, AI shouldn't make any odd looking peace deals

- Most of Germany's earlier war decisions have been made such as "Anschluss" and "Reoccupy the Rhineland"

- Localisation has been edited for the names of countries, "Bohemia" is now "Czechslovakia", "Russia" is now "Soviet Union", ect.

- Movement speeds/siege times are drastically sped up, so playing on the speed of one nearly all the time is recommended

- 3/4 of provinces in Africa have been made historical without need to edit the actual map

- Historical alliances/wars are nearly finalized in Europe/Africa

- All event pictures have been changed

- Most random wars don't happen between AI nations, later on most casus bellis will be removed to leave only Germany with a "World War" casus belli

- Rebellions are extremely rare

- Added event so the player/ai can choose to either take all of Poland as Germany when Warsaw is reached, or split half of it between Soviet Union and Germany (historically)

- Most border nations around Germany have been guaranteed to prevent the AI or player from making too unhistorical decisions

-All country colours were changed to go more with the Hearts of Iron 4 colour scheme

And much more!

Next Update: Dynamic Music + Spanish Civil War + Fall of France


Major Updates:

- Spanish Civil War

- Fall of France

- DYNAMIC MUSIC added to Russia, Italy, Britain, and Germany. Each nation has 10+ marches/patriotic music specific to them.


- The map has been significantly cleaned up in Europe/Africa/India

- Rhineland has been greatly extended

- Balancing for colonial nations/economy so colonial nations aren't mass rebelling and countries don't start in mass debt.

- Localization fixes

- Reduced forts in Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, india, and added forts in certain places such as Alsace Lorraine

Next Update: More Music + AI Invades Poland historically + Invasion of Netherlands,Belgium,Denmark, and Norway

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