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Here's a new update. I used the skins of STALKER Complete 1.4.3 and replaced some of my old files with new one (textures) i did some text enhancements, like the dialog with wolf and fanatic adnd trader. Set the value of the money of ALL traders to 10000000 instead of 100000. And some other minoer enhancements.

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STALKER SWAT:RebalancedAlmost finished! some minor enhencements are done by me and then i will upload the file's. NOTE: THIS FILE IS OVER 2.5 GB! i HAVE TO UPLOAD IT IN SEPERATE PARTS! A patch will come out too. this is the RC2 version. with some minor..."difficulties" in it but we hope to fix that :) AND if u have ANY suggestions about the mod and improvement let me know at If you have any questions about the mod ask me and i will answer ASAP.

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