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Covers what has been going on during the past few months. Like what the new updates are and such.

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Over the past month or so, things have been quite with development of Merciless Mod 2. Most guys in Creative Bullets are taking time off as they search for better gaming computers. CoD1/UO/COD2 have been slow but might pick up once winter time comes.

I have took time off from development. Right now here is what is going to change:

*Warlord Class might get added late Public Beta or Mid Release Candidate.

*Gibbing will be removed, causing minor model issues.

*Allies get sticky grenade (new model) for big grenade. Axis keeps six pack stick grenade.

*Considering giving Axis Egg-hand grenade for flame grenade model.

*Going to figure out how to make a basic low poly box or crate for Ammobox. Going to make a basic texture and UV map it. Hey it's just CoD2, don't have to go all out on the model. Not like anyone will tell different from ultra low poly or low poly on a small box. As long as it connects and looks somewhat real, it's good.

*Going to add in some eXtreme+ features. PatmanSan is okay with it, so I will add in some goodies. Such as end of map vote, Unknown Solider handling, weapon zoom, Turret cooldown, and Anti-Camp system.

*Might mess around with weapon recoil a little bit. I think recoil should go up across the board but not too high.

*Still tossing around idea of warzone or freeze tag-like gametype. Might not make from scratch but will likely backport the gametype.

Creative Bullets is hosting two Merciless Mod 2 Servers (one with Rifles Only and other stock Merciless Mod 2 V3.4). The Rifles Only one has modified server side, so no extra download for clients.

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