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Secure regions can now be entered! Complete the missions to make regions secure, then enter them and get in the cities to buy and sell items!

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Secure regions can now be entered!
Complete the missions to make regions secure, then enter them and get in the cities to buy and sell items!

There are:

  • Cities that sell generic weapons.
  • Cities that sell random parts.
  • Cities that sell high-grade parts.
  • Cities that sell alloy containers.
  • Cities that sell extant parts.
  • Cities that sell amplifiers.
  • Cities that sell random grade parts and amplifiers.

Almost every region has a city.
You will have to secure multiple regions to get access to all types of cities.

Another big change of this update is the new alloy containers!

  • Changed the way alloy containers repair armour, now each container charge repairs 1% armour.
  • Container refill cost is now based on alloy in the container.
  • Rebalanced amount of alloy received when dismantling items.
  • New container property: Filled.
  • New container property: Gains 65 alloy every 50 kills.
  • New container property: Generates 1 ether on kill.
  • New container property: Generates armour on kill.
  • New container property: Gains 10 alloy every 15 kills.
  • New container property: Eternal.
  • New container property: Ancient.
  • New container property: Sacrificial.
  • New container flaw: Corrupted.
  • New container flaw: Cannot be refilled.
  • New container flaw: Transient.
  • New container flaw: Unstable.
  • Removed property: Gains charges on kill.
  • Removed property: Reduced refill cost.
  • Removed flaw: Increased refill cost.
  • Added 3 new container skins.
  • Now it's possible to swap alloy containers.

Other changes:

  • Upgraded parts now have a higher value.
  • Added 5 achievements for triggering new container abilities.
  • Improved amplifier sprites.
  • Amplifiers now amplify part properties based on amplified part level, not on amplifier level.
  • You can no longer apply Almadi cathodes and anodes to parts attached to your spaceship.
  • Applying cathodes and anodes no longer erase their names.
  • Alpha Pulsar region renamed to Bloom.
  • Beta Pulsar region renamed to Pulsar Vector.
  • Added HUD hiding.
  • Improved item tooltip placement.
  • Recolored few regions.
  • Shielding abilities now share cooldowns.
  • Fixed apparition and seeking projectile glitch.
  • Dock part now looks better.
  • Story mission V will now take less time to complete.
  • Now it's possible to dismantle (and sell items) by pressing X button on the controller.

Because this is a big update, keep an eye on glitches or balance flaws!
Have fun!

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