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New content for 0.06 unveiled, check it out! Also, information regarding beta testing

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It's been a while since I posted on here and I want to show off some of the new features of the mod.

Increased Level Cap
Median has it, Zy-El has it, and now Rebirthe has it. An increased level cap! The level cap has been raised to 150. Item's level requirements have been upped due to this change, but skill level requirements have not been changed.

New Skill Icons
The game's skill icons have been given a total revamp, and will be done in the next couple of days. I have been inspired by Fallout, Black Parade and many others for these skill icons. They are very high quality, I suggest you give these a look if you haven't already in the Images.

New Assassin Abilities
Assassins are dangerous, even the uninitiated Assassin has some killing prowess. And as such, they have different abilities from their base LOD counterpart.
Mantis Stance - A stance in which the Assassin is most comfortable. This allows her to kill her enemies much easier.
Monkey Stance - A stance in which the Assassin can reflect incoming melee attacks.
Medic Stance - A stance in which the Assassin can recover life quickly, at the cost of speed. This stance makes it hard for the Assassin to walk, but she can recover life and chakra quickly.
Safe Toss - Assassins need to be wary of civilians. With this ability, you can't harm allies when you throw a weapon.
Ice Clone - The Assassin can duplicate herself, creating an icy clone that freezes all nearby targets when activated.
Dagger Affiliation - Assassins are skilled in all weaponry, but they possess a striking ability with the shortest of them all - The Dagger.
Claw Affiliation - Assassins need to be skilled with unorthodox weaponry. With this passive, Assassins can get the critical boost they need with strange weapons such as Katars and Claws.
Blanket of Darkness - Assassins need stealth. With this ability, all nearby enemies are blinded.

I recently fixed some bugs, check it out in this post:

New Runes
I may or may not have already revealed Aztec Runewords. Well, in beta 0.06 you have them. They used regular runes to make, with 50 or so runewords. I've come to announce that Aztec Runewords will be expanded upon and given 100 additional runewords, along with the 50 new ones. That makes the total runeword count for the mod at 200!
Not only will there be new Aztec runewords, but Aztec runewords will use a new set of runes! These runes are seperate from the normal runes and are for high level players only. They have 3 properties each.

Expanded Inventory
The inventory will be greatly increased in 0.06.

Secret Chests
Find these chests and cube them with a key to get a cool reward.

Rune Upgraders
You can now upgrade runes with a Scroll of Rune Upgrading. These scrolls will allow you to use 1 rune to upgrade, instead of the usual 3. Of course, these are very rare and prized items.

Gem Rebalance
Gems have been rebalanced. They are now less powerful, but still usable.

Rebirthe is looking for eight(8) beta testers to test 0.06. Applicants must be able to post bug reports to me. Sign up by posting here:

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