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small update + some questions i had for you guys..

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hey guys it's time for a new update on the mod..

as you all might or might not have seen the pictures i uploaded of the mansion model it's being developed but it's making a lot of progress i'm derectly modding in a lot of detailed stuff, like in the doll room i'm making all the tables and boxes and whatever is supposed to be on there (except for the dolls)
also i'm working on the krauser enemy (mutated leon) and i'm working on the new shooting range targets..

then i would like to ask you guys something :
1. who would you want to fight as final boss? (NOTE: this person or whatever is NO halucination!!)
2. how do think about when we change the DEL LAGO (fish thing) to somekind of shark like in RE1??
3. how do you think about fighting (a halucination/clone of) ADA as Chief Mendez Replacement??
4. what would you say when we cut the salazar boss fight out of the game?? (becouse he's verry hard to replace)
5. how do you think about new Merc. stages?
6. what would you say when i told you there will most likely not be a F*ing merchant? Note: with HEX editing i'll add findable weapons (we will still have the shooting range merchant!! with new shooting range targets(which still aren't finished))
7. how do you think about when we just give the plaga a retexture so that it looks like the progenitor plaga from RE5??
8. how would you react when i say that when the enenmies, maps and other models and everything is finished that i'll even try to make new cutscenes??
9. what do you think the P.R.L. should look like in the mod? (prl is most likely the only weapon that will be new model other guns just HD textures)

well... if you guys will answer these question that would help me, cuz you guys are the ones waiting for it to be finished.. and i would love to hear your oppinions.

thanks. Koen_roeje/ JTegh

sorry for the update part being so small...


Yey!! an update

1. a giant spider..noh :) maybe a really crazy butcher or something
2. shark would be a good choice or a giant water snake
3. that could be fun
4. hmm... you could replace him with an giant spider and this time i am serious
5. do they really need to be changed?
6. :( no i am sad but maybe i can live without him
7. fine i guess
8. wow!!!
9. i really don't know

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Koen_roeje Author

thanks for answering the questions.
but the slazar spider i can say that's impossible cuz salazar can't move remember? he's mutated with that plantish thing or whatever with the tentacles comming out of the wall.. and since he has no walking animations or legs it can't be rigged so it can't be done...

and i hope you can survive without him, XD and as i said with that question you will be able to find weapons hidden in the game

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well ok..i understand

i can't live without him because i missed him in RE5 :(
well the hidden weapons could be good thing (:

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Koen_roeje Author

Don't worry hidden weapons and perhaps one or two merchants ( the ones with cutscene :p) and to be honest yeah I missed him in re5 aswell :)

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yes! :3 i am gonna show him my goods...wait what did i say....?

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1.Either have him spencer since spencer was going to be in the game but he would be younger, hunk since he was also somewhat in the game or mabey alex wesker since he is mentioned to have been part of the progenitor virus prodject

2.have a shark but make it more like a updated modle of the neptune rather have it a zombie transform into a crimsonhead the for the
second mutation have him turn into a licker

4.mabe u could make it into a plant 42

5.if your changing the game were the merc. maps dont resemble the stages in game by all means add new ones say get rid of him to me it seems odd that an old man would sell you weapons werever u go

7.if u have it with the zombies that be cool

8.That be the **** def. do that

9.i say get rid of that gun always thought it was a waste plus doesn't seem like something you would find in an re game

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Koen_roeje Author

Well we can't cut the prl out but for the rest are your ideas not bad. After there are more ppl who answered the questions I'll make an update with the final decissions

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