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The version switched to alpha1, or demo1. I haven't posted anything in a while now, sorry, but who cares, probably most of the people even don't like this mod. I was working on some maps, and i fixed the level changes!

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In depth,

It features 1 multiplayer map (dm_flower) , and two single player campaign maps that are also available in co-op.

It also features some enhanced sounds.

It will also have a Five Nights at Freddy's map which i made originally for Counter-Strike 1.6. It will be a port of it, still the same as the CS 1.6 version (not really everything will be the same, you will not have any weapons, because, the map aims for horror and fun, so, only crowbar, to maintain jumpscares, i mean, it's not fun when a monster (in this case, a player) comes at you with a melee weapon (in this case, crowbar), and you just shoot it's brains out with a shotgun, the opposite seems better somehow).

The download will be available on 27th of June.

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