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We are very pleased to announce the new patch 5.0.31

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Inventory Part 2/2 Performance BOOST!

    • Huge performance boost for server running. Should see somewhere around a 20 - 30% less processor use while running the server.
    • Performance increase on active entities in the world.
    • Optimizations on how entities detect each other
  • Inventory Part 2/2
    • Player can now Open inventory by pressing ( I ) on the keyboard.
    • Players save correctly the position of items.
    • Player can split stacks by hitting ( ctrl left click )
    • Player can move items into the action bar and back
    • All items now have world representations
    • In world items now respect phase 1 world physics
    • When dropping an item, the player can drop it where the cursor is located
  • Known Issues
  • LARGE numbers of items in the world can cause noticeable slow down (50+)
  • Charges sometimes don't get consumed like they should.
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