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The level select process is now complete, and I have over half of the 100 level designs implemented. I am now hoping for a May release...

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There are now five level-select screens, each giving access to 20 levels, with the difficulty progressing from introductory to expert. More than half of the levels have been designed, implemented, and tested with more still under development. I am hopeful that I shall get all 100 levels designed, implemented, and tested by the end of January.
I have also improved upon the cursor-hit and bounce physics, allowing for much more detailed aiming, ball speed, and movement control.

In addition to this many minor bugs have been fixed, and some of the visuals have been improved.
I have also started working on the sound effects and background music, although this is still in the early stages of production.

If all goes well I am now looking to release this sometime around May to June, for a very minimal fee.

I may release a more detailed (possibly time-limited) demo sometime within the next few months. I be happy to here from anyone who would be interested in seeing this...

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