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Promised myself that I'd update every week... well I've been sloppy lately.

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Sorry if anyone was waiting for this game to come out. I've been busy with my life and I didn't have spare time to get this game done. Also I was preoccupied by another game...


Getting back to the game I've made some leaps in couple of hours. I've managed to work out how one of the molecules should behave. I know it might sound simple but it was a long and difficult 45 minutes of trial and error to work out how an object should turn per 'step' depending on the direction of its target. Now the problem I'm facing is the parameters for each difficulty. I'll try to make it balanced for the beta version and I'll refine it later from the feedbacks I get.

There are some decisions I've made. Achievements will be taken out. I think I've already said something about this but anyway the achievement will just take up more time synchronising logics and would possibly slow down single core PCs. Also I will possibly add an open source code for the game initialisations and difficulty parameters so players can modify them. Won't you need a Game Maker 8 you ask? No you don't. I'll make the game read txt files and treat it as an in-game script... but then I might be too lazy to implement it right away. I just want this game up and running.

Furthermore the beta game will possibly release before the 3rd quarter of this year. Fingers crossed in hope that I don't forget my promises.


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