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Version 0.07 will include maps. On the map, you will get to decide which locations you want to visit. Each location will have different levels of monsters and challenges to overcome.

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Build 0.07

VERSION 0.07 - Choosing Map Locations

We decided to change up the game a little. The original concept of the game was Munchkin with a D&D flare. For those of you who do not know what Munchkin is, it is a paper card game involving drawing cards from multiple decks. Our original creation had 6 decks, Location, Heroes, Monster, Chaos Beasts, Challenges and Treasures. In order to make single player more fun, we took out the hero deck and instead let you choose a party of heroes from your collection. It also added in the requirement for creating new battle mechanics. That is how we wound up with the three action points and elemental attack card deck.

A few days ago, we were thinking about how this game was moving further away from Munchkin and closer to D&D. We have a party system. We have initiative, rounds of battle and different styles of attacking. The older style of drawing a random location card from the deck at the beginning of a fight did not make much sense anymore. You and your party of adventures wouldn't be wandering aimlessly all of the time, finding yourselves at random locations. It made more sense that you should get to choose your location.

Stage selection

Here is our current work on creating a map system. This map is of Holodark Keep and its nine locations. Right now all of the nodes are in green. However, each node will have its own challenge rating determining how difficult the enemies will be. If the enemy challenge rating is much higher than your hero's levels, you will be blanked out of going there. Green nodes indicate locations with easy challenge ratings and gold nodes will contain more difficult challenges.

So what does this mean for you?

- Obviously, you will be able to pick your locations

- You will be able to choose easy or difficult challenges depending on your play style

- Since you will know where you are going, you will be able to select a deck better suited for the challenges that await

- You will be able to stack your deck to gain the location elemental modifier.

For instance, the Desecrated Altar of Holodark Keep one of the nodes close to the center of the map (shown above).

Desecrated Altar

The Desecrated Altar is a Dark element location. If you have a bunch of Dark attack cards, you would be wise to put them into your deck. The location elemental modifier is a bonus based on location and has nothing to do with the heroes in your party. Even though you might not have heroes than can wield the dark arts, they will still gain +1 from being at the desecrated altar. Being able to choose where you are going will give you the opportunity to prepare for battle.

Any comments or feedback is most welcome.


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