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Quick update on the progress of the game and events so far

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Hi just informing people that so far we managed to get voices done for the first set of lore books and there about to get turned into animations for our YouTube videos. Also 1/8 servers has had the necessary things added to be ready to be used as a game server.

Some of the upcoming events will be a kickstarter to get the final funds of £20,000 to get the basic alpha out.If we pass that goal it will go toward upgrading the software, bug fixing,adding better features,more areas built better etc.We are hoping the end result of this game will be a mix of Skyrim and assassins creed in the visual wow and mix of the combat (so you could run of cliff and stab the enemy below).

So far i have managed to get help from a voice actor who worked for tons AAA company's so we should get some good voice acted quests and monster sounds.I have also contacted a local modeler and animator and a programmer who will be helping to get alpha out.

The kickstarter shall start mid-end December or start of January as the game play demo is still being worked on and videos need to be made to get maximum success.

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