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Just a brief update on the state of the BoE update.

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Figured I'd do a short write-up on the current state of the upcoming update. I've again set a new date for the update seeing as things are progressing very well. Currently I think the update should be able to release January 1st. This is all dependent on how the testing goes, but currently things are progressing very well.

One of the new levels is finished, except for some minor further testing (making it more difficult!). I will start work on the second new level tomorrow and it should be finished before I go on a short xmas vacation!

I've decided to expand on the todo-list for the update and implemented keyboard controls for airstrike, mines and bug-zapper (default mapping A, M and B, remapable in the launcher). Also decided to buff the bug zapper from 200 damage to 275!

The yield structure in the endless mode will be greatly changed, meaning that the large yields you generally receive towards the later stage of a game will be much smaller. This should increase the difficulty by disallowing spamming of mines and airstrikes and forcing the played to be more careful with their placement of the special attacks.

I've started implemented the story note collectible, I have not, however, begun work on the actual display area for the collected notes. In time!

Lastly, I've finished the achievement icons for the five new achievements that will be added when the game is updated. All in all, this will be a more extensive update than I had first imagined doing, but I hope it will improve what I think is already a very stable and good game. :)

Of course, if there are any further requests, just send a message and I will consider it!

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