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Just an update of what's happened in the months between the mod being announced and now.

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Right, well, here goes:

We're experiencing a little server downtime due to some issues with moving hosts, but the main website will be back online by the end of the day (we hope).

As to the mod, great progress is being made. We have plenty of ideas being thrown around by the devs, and a lot of them are being worked on by the rest of our team. We recently added a great modder to our team, so we're expecting that the work will go a LOT quicker than it has been. The former flood of models has died down, but what we do have are very nice pieces of work. Most of the UEA (United Eden Alliance) has been completed, and the TCI (Technocratic Imperium) are coming along nicely. All we need to get ourselves punted into a working alpha are some weapons, shields (if we do actually implement shields) and other little bits and pieces such as NPC patrol paths and the rest of the systems.

Finally, we ARE still open for more modders, so if you believe you can apply yourself to INI modding or anything else to do with Freelancer modding, please message myself or Nebraxis, or even better apply on our website at We're NOT looking for system modders, or storyline writers. We have a lot of people working on the storyline at the moment (when they actually get off their arses and do something). Other than that, feel free to apply. We are a welcoming bunch, even if we do seem like complete nutters with some of the ideas we come up with.

Anyway, that's all for now. Remember, DO tell us if you're interested, and please sign up on the website. Seeing people genuinely interested in the mod tends to spur the team on, and a lot of them are being very lazy lately.

Until next time.

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