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Some updates on the development of Runeshit. We discuss some issues and the future of Runeshit.

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Hi guys,

first of all I'd like to thank everyone for his support. We appreciate it!
After closing the pre-alpha, we knew what to do: change A LOT!

And a lot of you have sent us some suggestions, which was what we had hoped for!
We read through all of them and here's my second point: there are some issues I'd like to address:

- combat.
The combat wasn't what it should be. We know that. There was only one weapon available in this pre-alpha that could actually kill mobs: a staff hidden at Uncle Tim (to the left of him). So we're busy implementing a melee system (sword, axe, shield) and a magic system (staff, rod, spells). It's coming along nicely and there will be some updates on that matter, some time later.

- character creation.
At this point, you couldn't create your own character. This will change ofcourse and expect updates on that aswell.

- options menu.
There will be an options menu in game, later on. For now, you could only change settings in the launcher. Which brings me to the next item,

- launcher.
A brand new launcher. Quicker, more stable, smoother! We finished coding this one a few hours ago. It's looking good :-)

- the forest environment.
After having played the quests (there were only 5 of them and you had to repeat them everytime you entered the game, just for testing purposes), we were a little bored of the environment. We had a little talk and came to the conclusion that we just have to redo the whole environment. There will be some screenshots later on. Ofcourse, our city (which you could enter through a portal) will remain intact, although we're discussing where we will place it.

So, if you have a question about these 5 items, feel free to ask.

Finally, what to expect in the next release (alpha)?

- more quests
- more monsters
- a working combat system (+ items like swords, axes, ... + skills)
- inventory
- character creation
- the new and improved forest area

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

The Runeshit team

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