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Things have been fairly quiet on my end, this is an update on the mods progress and some new information! More Below!

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Hello everyone! For the few people that pay attention to this project you may have noticed that things have been pretty silent on my end (on moddb), Do not worry, things are still happening, Most updates/previews of SWBF: First Strike are posted on the discord (Link: ) Mod progress has been speeding up in the last days, with the latest work being the Imperial Jumptrooper:

Jump Trooper Renderfinal

Work on the rebel side has also also started:

2022 02 13 07 39 51

2022 02 06 12 19 14

2022 02 06 12 13 33

Early Access testing is also being done to further sort through any bugs that might appear, Early Access will soon be open for new members!

I should probably also address the status of the Imperial Tech Demo that was supposed to happen December 20th. I had to cancel the ITD due to various issues, one being that it was very unfinished and there were a lot of issues I couldn't fix in time, such as Shader Patch materials being half way done and setup wrong in some ways, Another issue was that the early access version of the demo had to be delayed 2-3 days, leaving little to no time to actually test the build, the testing that was done proved that things were a bit more problematic than I had initially thought, there was a lot of installation struggles even though it was just dragging and dropping 1 file it wasn't explained very well, so even modding veterans such as S1thK3nny was struggling with it, After this massive failure I decided it would be best to cancel the demo until the mod is far enough that it wont be such a disappointment to those waiting.

Onto a bit more news, Initially the mod was going to require shader patch no matter what, but ive decided to release 2 seperate versions of the mod, 1 with shader patch materials and 1 without. After release the Shader Patched version of the mod will not be supported as its too much for me to manage both versions of the mod.

Finally, onto the meat of this post. To alleviate the pain of the ITD loss here is 1 full match of HUD-less game play on Tatooine, Enjoy:

This does not feature gameplay of the rebel side just yet, while you can see them fighting against the empire they are too unfinished to be shown off entirely, you can see visibly only 3 units have their finished models, but the empire aside from the Jumptrooper is finished.

Hopefully I'll be able to provide a demo for you guys soon, in the meantime, you can visit my discord for more updates and early imagery!


Discord Username: Surestsafe#1372

Youtube Channel:

Special Thanks to S1thK3nny, Pmate23, Needo62, and BKII-Modder for special assistance with the mod!


Looks really promising! I love the Jumptrooper model from this render and the texture job on Shocktrooper, the Specialist and Shadow Trooper is awesome. One thing that comes to my mind though would be maybe reducing the shinyness of the Stormtrooper model. Their textures suggest that their armour is pretty rusty and battle damaged, but in the video they have this very strong glow. One other thing that I thought about is that maybe you could consider recolouring that Tantive IV Rebel model so that his colour scheme would bo closer other Rebel units with that mix of tan and dark green.

Overall, great stuff. I have a soft spot for GCW mods, especially when they give Rebbies some love, too. Keep going!

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NFC_Republic Author

Thank you for the very nice comment! Yes the shiny-ness is being addressed with a spec map so it wont be as shiny as it is! The Tantive IV rebel will remain the same as I do want some variety and by changing the color of it I feel things wouldnt look to interesting, and it would deviate from what the Tantive rebel is supposed to look like anyways.

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Oh, I see. That makes a lot of sense actually :D

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Looks so cool!

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These stormtrooper models are AWESOME!!! they look just like my black series stormtrooper figures. good luck with your mod, keep up the good work!

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