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Made 500 views. AWESOME, but check the rest of the article to see whats urgent.

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YAY 500. Its great to see that people are actually taking interest in Aylus, whats even better is seeing people returning daily to see Updates even though we've only had the IndieDB page up for 4 DAYS but the reason we're righting this right now is because we made this page to build a bit of hype for this game, and for the people excited for this game we appreciate you enjoying what you're seeing but we ask you spread the word so that when we do hit the inevitable Continue button on Kickstarter we will have a fighting chance at succeeding and if we don't we're sad to say that Aylus may no longer be a work in progress as it is now. We started this project with a team of 5 people to make a cool RPG because that's what we wanted to do. We would like Aylus to be the main focus of our lives for a bit (our jobs) so we're gonna need the money to for Ramen, Groceries, and Bills, Because aside from that all we really need is a Unity Pro Licence (yeah we made this whole thing on the free one), a Steam game distributing licence, and a few bits of Hardware and that's kinda it because most of the code and 3D models come from in house. So to end this we appreciate every viewer for checking out Aylus.

-Thanks Much

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