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Since people are wondering why update 5 is taking longer, I figured I'll write up a summary statement of where we currently state to update you on progress.

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September Progress Update

Remember, you can still find a guide on installing update 4 here

There are several reasons as to why Update 5 is suffering from scheduling delays.

  • Update 5 was initially envisioned as a simple balancing update to correct some deficiencies in game balancing we've found in Update 4. But, this plan got scrapped after game design team review.
  • Since our initial announcement, we've decided Update 5 to be MW Mod 2.0 final release candidate. Meaning, Update 5 will wrap up the 2.0 project and release the mod in its final state. So Update 5's scope and size of the project has been significantly enlarged since we last talked about it.

What is currently happening in Update 5 as of now

  • Improvements to unit skin/texture all across the board
  • Dropping of Mig-23/27 on RU Team and introduction of Su-27 as replacement.
  • Upgrades to the Patriot SAM complex, including HEMTT towing truck, etc.
  • Introduction of MRSI firing code logic for M109 Paladin. The Korean K-9 unit is being used as a laboratory test platform for MRSI code before rolling it out onto US M109A6 upgrade.
  • Fixing various UI icons and bugs.
  • Intercept-able airborne infantry drops (where airborne infantry gets intercepted by SAM before dropping, like in RUSE)
  • Stryker TOW and BMP-3
  • Total replacement of Pantsir S1 model from scratch (new modeling job)

What is also happening in Update 5 project

  • Crew-based MBT for Armor Role - under concept review and testing by Game Design Team.
  • Improvements to APS logic for crew protection.
  • New tactical aid implementation - Airdropped Medium SAM. Under concept review between game design & art teams -- current contenders are KM-SAM Cheolmae-2 and SPYDER.
  • New tactical aid implementation - Airdropped Cruise Missile Launcher. Under concept review between game design & art teams. Most likely P-800 Yakhont for RU Team, existing Tomahawk GLCM launcher for USA.
  • F-18 integration review for USA Team -- under review by art team

As you can clearly see, Update 5's scope has changed significantly because we wanted to finish MW Mod 2.0 once and for all with Update 5 release and conclude the 2.0 final release cycle.

However, there are additional delays for reasons beyond our control

  • Our game design team structure is being changed with more experienced players taking the charge. Our new suggested game design team lead is currently in the process of moving and our Lead Designer will be on military deployment for a few months so game design process will be delayed for a while. However, this delay will buy us time to finish modeling/art and code writing 'construction' work in the meantime.
  • Our contract modeler is currently tied up with new priority project from his work job (game studio) that needs attention before he can work on our project. So Pantsir, BMP projects are currently delayed.
  • Due to the ongoing economic recession and uncertainty, the IT/Technology sector industry has been hit hard this year, where I currently work for a living. So I've been busy at work dealing with dramas relating to budget cuts and personnel/staff reduction in the recent weeks, which simply slashed my availability to work on the mod at the moment.

So with all of the things going on in our lives listed above, and the currently enlarged scope of the Update 5 project, I think realistically, we can expect completed final release of 2.0 + Update 5 by may be Thanksgiving-to-Christmas time frame this year. But no guarantees, we are experiencing hardship and busy schedules from work side of our daily jobs, so it's affecting our hobby projects like MW Mod.

I understand you guys are disappointed by the scheduling overrun of Update 5, but just with everything in life, we have our own up's and down's and challenges to deal with. But that's the update for now.

If you wanted to help the mod team -- the current line of help we need right now is not more models and game testers. We currently need programmer/coders that are familiar with C, python and php more than we need anyone else. So if you have real-life skills on doing real coding, you are welcome to join to help. We prefer to have people with real-life experience, not high-school-level programming class experience, so if you work for a software company or work in IT sector for a living, give us a holler and we're more than happy to enlist your help.

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