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Update on mod progress and the reason there hasn't been a new download in a while.

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So it's long past time that I gave you guys an update on what's been going on with the mod.. Apologies for the delay.

So basically there has been little progress on the mod since the last release, not enough to justify a download and that is why there has not been much progress on this page.image 3

The reason for that is pretty simple, my work has gotten in the way. So my job is kind of a double edged sword when it comes to mod work, normally it's great as i get a good amount of free time and that means I can mess around with the mod and get work done. However when I'm busy it sucks up all my time and that's what's been happening recently.

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This is because I work for the British armed forces and they have decided in their wisdom to deploy me overseas several times this year, first Spain and now the middle east. This takes me away from my desktop PC which has the mod, hence why I can't work on it. It also eats up my time before I go with various training courses. Basically this has kept me away from modding for the last 6 months and will do so for another 2-3 months to come. After that I will try and get back to the mod and put out a new version with finished pirates etc.

So the mod is not dead (looking at you loketuff12) and I fully intend to get it as finished as my skills allow. Thomas39120 hasn't finished any more models recently but I have passed on suggestions and even files where I can so hopefully there will be new units added at later dates.

Hope this clears up a few things for you.

Thanks for reading!


godspeed brother. take care out there.

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mighty_moose416 Author

Thanks :)

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