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The game is finally on a state that you could call stable for an alpha. Lot's of changes and even more new stuff added.

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A new trailer available at:

The game now actually has already over 100 buildings and products that a player can build/produce and nearly 40 different types of vehicles. And the game has actually over 400 objects with all variations and all build levels of industries/town buildings.
Also a research tree has been added that will allow you to upgrade all kinds of values of vehicles at the moment. Research for industries/products will also be added. Also you can get a loan from a random generated credit company to help you get along the way and a new world map that is still a work in progress will help you find the right places to build your products easily.
Multiplayer is in development at the moment, but will most likely take at least 2-4 months for first mp version.
A player AI is also still in development, which I also hope to get done in 2-3 months.
Hope you like this little update.

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