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Here's a brief post on how we're approaching the player inventory.

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Hello there! This week I thought I'd take some time to write about the player inventory functionality in the game and what types of items the player can expect to interact with. Before starting, it should also be mentioned that the current inventory menu in the game is just a placeholder until Unity releases the next version of it's GUI (which should be sometime this year, hopefully). With that said, let's take a look!

Inventory Menu Layout

Here's a screenshot of the current inventory menu:

Temporary inventory menu

A few things to point out:

  • The left side contains slots for items including images captured in-game of the items that were picked up. The selected item will be highlighted.
  • The right side contains a description, extra datagraph information, and any dynamic data that might be important.
  • Helpful instructions will likely be at the bottom right (similar to above).
  • There is a dynamic overall weight limit.
  • There will be a limited number of inventory slots.

As was mentioned in a previous post about the game being hand-centric, most of the navigation in the menus are also performed using the same WASD keys for movement. This is mostly for quickness and immersion as a mouse pointer suddenly showing up on the screen can sometimes take the player out of the game.

Inventory Items

One of the design goals is to make just about every object matter. It's a difficult task, but one that we hope pays off. In many first person games the player can sometimes fly through each level without really taking in the subtleties of the environment (although it's usually with a purpose to get to an objective). In Hevn, we're hoping to give every object a purpose, if the player decides to take a closer look. Some of these objects can be placed in the player's inventory and used later on. Some of these objects can be interacted with as well, or even combined with other objects. Also all inventory slots are open, however a few objects affect the player if equipped:

  • When a helmet is equipped, the weight and oxygen filtering affect the player. Only one helmet can be inventoried at a time.
  • When a suit is equipped, the weight and mini-exo layout affect the player's movement and capabilities. Only one suit can be inventoried at a time.
  • When a shoe is equipped, the weight and enhanced sole affect the player's movement. Only two shoes can be equipped, one for each foot.
A folded suit

Some items will be able to be enhanced. Here's a few that are planned:

  • Fire extinguisher's will have attachments to modify the exhaust and power.
  • Defibrillators will have attachments to modifiable certain characteristics.
  • There will likely be modifiers for helmets, suits, and shoes as well.
Just a shoe for the right foot

Inventory Actions

In addition to the above interactions, player's will be able to remove, activate, and "grab" items. An example of activating an item is when the player places a first aid kit in the inventory and decides to use it. Grabbing an item essentially takes it out of the player's inventory and places it in the player's hands.


A few other pointers on the menus in general:

  • The game still continues with the menus open (and will be visible in the background). It's best to handle inventory duties while in a safe location.
  • Most menus use the same WASD navigation technique.

Well, that's about it for now. Thanks again for reading!



Needs more polys

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mixelplixed Author

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, if we can afford to add more polys as we go we'll definitely do that.

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