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Progression of mods and maps and changes to releases

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it been a long time since i released anything for deus ex and in all fairness i literally haven't been working on it anymore but now I'm back and working on things again

- My latest mod will be released soon its a mutator that is like a cheatbook and will help people summon from mods

- PFAD(Prototype Food And Drinks) will be continued

- Ptype is coming back with custom items and zombies and such

- PTDXHR, DXHRPC and DXHRKeypad will be released soon aswel in the files section after the release ill improve upon it as Hengsha DXMP Mod is good as dead as far as i know and i don't see a point in never releasing the files i made

DEXRM (DeusEXRemodelMod) the name suggest it i will try and eventually remodel all the models in deus ex and see how far :)


- DXP_Unatco_RecreationCity will be continued and Ptype_Partymap_NightV2 aswel and i will also release current state builds of them


I'm currently hosting a server for deus ex called Prototype Mod Server i will release a package that contains all the stuff in my server once my cheatbook mutator has been finished so you don't have to download ingame to enter my server

Moving on from today my server will require DXT which means to prevent freezing or crashing please make sure S3TC is enabled(S3TC=True) on OpenGL if OpenGL doesn't work try D3D9 here you can also download a updated OpenGL and D3D10 you put them in your system folder of deus ex

Note that my mods will now only be released in DXT Format unless requested otherwise these include all my mods already released and PTDXHR, DXHRPC and DXHRKeypad and DEXRM

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