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This is the very first news update for KW Reloaded.

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Hello, players.

Before I can continue with the news update, there's something I should mention to you guys. This mod was formerly supposed to be titled as C&C3 Upheaval, but after "Bibber" who released the C&C Asset Extractor tool that can extract most art files and textures, I asked him about this and Bibber had no interest or intention to go for a C&C3 mod with all KW units and content within it. That's where I decided to go for it, changed the title to KW Reloaded and canceled the new updated version of my C&C3 Reloaded mod (with KW units). C&C3 Reloaded was pretty much outdated with some balance issues and lack of new content. For this mod, I will not create new model units since I cannot draw but mod only.

Half of the content for this mod had been done and there's still more to go. So far, 27 new and modified units and three structures from Kane's Wrath had been successfully made into C&C3 excluding the Mechapede, the three epic units and the tier 4 structures. All of these values for these KW units and structures are the same values from KW Patch 1.02. But there's even much, much more than that. I am promising that the six added subfactions, the 4 epic units, the tier 4 structures, the KW official skirmish maps (with the KW terrain textures) and some of the custom music tracks will be in the upcoming beta version of KW Reloaded.

As I said in the summary, this mod will no longer be like the original Kane's Wrath. There won't be any imported KW missions and the Global Conquest Code into C&C3 because of the format coding incompatibility. Also some upgrades, support powers and unit abilities are unavailable to work in this mod. This time the factions in this mod will be split according to class. GDI, Nod and Scrin are the balanced class factions, Steel Talons is the offense class and ZOCOM is the defense class. Instead of the original Black Hand, Marked of Kane, Reaper-17 and Traveler-59 subfactions, Black Hand and Marked of Kane will merge into one faction as what will be called LEGION (as the offense class for Nod) and the Reaper-17 and Traveler-59 will be merged as becoming Reaper-Traveler (as the offense class for Scrin). Thus this creates two new defensive class factions that are in the works, "Stealth Recon" and Shield-98. However, getting the subfactions and obtaining the EVA voices for those factions ingame are going to take some time. There will not be any support class factions at this time due to a low selection use of air units in C&C3/KW, unlike which C&C4 does have. In addition, I had planned to get some C&C4 units and structures into this mod, which is now under way (more info will be announced later). The Mastodon will be added to the Steel Talons faction replacing the MARV as the fifth epic unit into the game. For those players who never owned C&C4, this is your chance to play some of their units in C&C3.

Recently I released the third alpha version of this mod only through some C&C forums rather than here. It was a test demo mod and there had been some people commenting on the issues that the mod is overpowered with no new subfactions and any imported skirmish maps from KW. But that will all change in the beta version.

For the alpha version 0.3 for this mod, read here:

Alpha version 0.4 for this mod is coming soon with some more changes and I'll update more on that once it's released. The major changes for this mod will be released under beta version 0.5.

So stay tuned and... stay patient. I really do want to get the epic units ingame.

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