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After few month of not being active on mod db we decided to finally tell you what we have changed.

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We changed few gun sounds to sound more realistic.

Ammo for weapons has been lowered to resemble reality and to give guys with the ammo bags a bit more work. Many people in vbf2 that i noticed spam grenades and c4s it is now fixed by giving them both low ammo an longer reload time.

Many vehicles have been tweaked from the amount of ammo to seats. Heavy armored vehicles have a driver and a gunner seats now. Helicopters such as mi24 hind have 4 more seats added. Mi28 Havoc's ammo was tweaked. Most important update was that all vehicles have a designated entry point.

Having custom kits is kinda boring so we made something better... wait for the release to find out.

We took out the maps for some custom content that can not be used in vbf2.

Can we get some modelers in this mod to model a Mi-8, and some civilian vehicles?

That is all.

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