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An Update what I have already done and whats buggy or fixed.

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Update - 1

- Extracted all Hiigaran Ships
- Extracted some Kushan Ships
- Extracted some Taiidan Ships
- Extracted some Vaygr Ships
- Textured all Hiigaran Ships(need retexture because of the reflection)
- Working Ion Beam(currently the Tractor Beam)
- 3 Ships already in the Game
- Added Sounds from Homeworld
- Changed Menumusic
- Changed XML-Files
- Deleted useless XML-Files
- Added new XML-Files
- 1 new Projectile
- 1 new Ability

- Hiigaran Carrier wont spawn Interceptors
- Destroyers too strong against fighters
- Inteceptors too strong against everything


this looks amazing

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Silvakilla Author

thanks still working on it, but takes some time

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