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A quick update on what needs to be done, and what has been done.

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Slowly working my way through the bug list, while also compiling all the new items and reworked items, and working on various scenes.

This is what 0.7 will contain:

A lot of new scenes, such as:
Harrenhal, The Eyrie, Casterly Rock, Lannisport, Saltpans, Brightwater Keep, Karhold, Winterfell, Torrhen's Square, Stone Hedge, The Bloody Gate, Queenscrown, Riverrun, Lordsport, Storm's End, Skyreach, Nightsong, Seagard, Darry, King's Landing, The Twins, Duskendale, Claw Isle, Braavos and Pentos. Previews of many of these can be found in the "images" section.

Completely reworked troop trees and new way of recruitment.

Completely reworked item list.

Completely reworked culture list. No more graeco-roman influence in Essos. Except for the massive byzantine influence.

Many bugfixes, such as missing seneschals and arena masters, tournaments now working properly, no more error messages, diplomacy being less sporadic and outlaws being attacked by everyone.

New features, amongst them minor factions, such as the Mountain Clans of the Vale, Stonemen of the Sorrows, The Brotherhood without Banners, The Brave Companions, The Shrouded Lord, and more, who will only attack specific troops and factions.

One invading faction, secret for now.

Except for the troops and items, all of the above have been finished.


Excellent! Keep up the great work!

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Conan <3

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Yeah isnt he great! Love that face haha

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Will 0.7 be able to be played with a current save?
Or probs will I have to import my character?

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ot will be good...

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