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Module and ability icon designs are completed and are slowly but steadily implemented along the new visuals into the game. Enhanced netcode concerning module health and cooldown status has been implemented as well to improve synchronicity.

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Modules and Ability Designs
Finally after four weeks we have finished the design of every planned module and are starting to implement their visuals into the game. For each active module the "ability" Icon has been completed as well. Let's take a look at two of these designs. The first one is the "Nullspace Tesla Coil" and the second one the "High Energy Focus Beam". On the left is the module which will be attached to the custom designed ship and on the right the ability icon which will be displayed in the ability bar.

Netcode Fixes
As posted earlier this week the rocket platform has been completely implemented and along with it we had to implement some modifications to the event handler and netcode to ensure synchornicity between clients and server. Mainly when modules are damaged to the point of deactivation.

Module Targeting System
Another important new implementation is the module targeting system to allow the player easy ways to selected enemy modules which should be targeted first. One can either select the full hull of the enemy ship or single modules which should be damaged first. This changes how ships are supposed to be built and flown. Putting essential modules on the outside of the ship allows the enemy to cripple you faster than having some enhanced plating modules in between your enemy and your reactors.

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