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Skipping a week due to lack of interesting and noteworthy updates and jumping directly into some gameplay information. This time we will talk about movement and drone modules!

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The last two updates were mainly about dev news which aren't that interesting for those who want to play the game thus we thought about adding some gameplay information to the mix.

Ship Movement

This is one of the more important things in gameplay as it defines how the player will interact with their environment. The player has thrust control and can adjust its speed at ease. This will benefit them in multiple ways the most important of which is turning. The ships can't change direction in an instant. As all modules have mass the full ships turn rate is based on the total mass of the ship. The more mass the slower you can turn around making cruisers and large battleships more cumbersome to turn around to retreat. Small fighter and bomber ships have the benefit of turning fast and thus use hit and run tactics more easily.


Drones are one of the cornerstones of the ship module system. There are different types of drones which can be added to every type of ship. Attacking drones are a nice damage add for attack ships and cruisers. Repair and meat shield drones are nice to have if your ship is too weak on its own but the burden of heavy armor would slow you down. And suicide drones for the stealth ship with high burst damage. Dronebays can work with each other meaning that the total controllable drones increases for each dronebay but it is not specified for which type of drone. This allows for switching tactics throughout the game by simply switching from one drone type to another. Drones also absorb damage by intercepting incoming missiles and projectiles. It's important to note that even though they have a high chance of intercepting it's still just a chance so relying on drones for defence alone is risky.

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