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Since the release date from 21 of Feb, I have been figuring out the module system and finally got it to work today so expect a update with a new version soon please read the content of this article for next update content for what to expect!

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Big update coming up,

I was planning on trying to release the update on the 28th but the module system kept me busy trying to figure it out, It turned out that my anti virus was blocking the script somehow so I had to uninstall it oh well I know how to keep my pc safe when I only use moddb, steam, youtube and taleworlds forums but enough of that here is what to expect soon

  • A new faction added to Calradia possibly 2 new towns a few villages and castles(this will be a surprise so im not naming the faction)
  • A new troop tree to the new faction ^^
  • New troops to Rhodoks
  • Starting adding troops for the Khergits possibly some light to medium infantry to make them more fun

I do not know when I will finish all this work but the most challenging one will be adding the new faction^^ this update may even be out by Friday but school is back and will slow me down but I will try and release this new content to my mod. I will try and start working on editing the map to increase its size so I can add more factions but this is not guaranteed yet.

I'm creating a straw poll to see which new 2nd faction I should well what culture they would be here is the link

Still trying to fix the rgl error but please check for the solution on the other article.

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