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After a few weeks, more units are replaced, some stats changed and new graphics, effects,...

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Renew Marine
Firebat → Marauder
Ghost → Spectre
Wraith → Banshee
Goliath → Thor


Zealot: New ability(Charge)
Arbiter → Mothership

Guardian → Broodlord

Hybrid Reaver
Hybrid Destroyer(WIP)
Hybrid Juggernault(WIP)
Hybrid Juggernault WIP


Nice changes though are you sure about Spectres being permanetly cloaked, I think a good idea would be making the energy upgrade to be a suit upgrade removing cloak energy consumption and Spectres built would automatically be cloaked when produced.
I have an idea spectres are permanetly cloaked once the cloak upgrade is researched but as long as it is unavailable it wouldn't be the case, even if they come out cloaked they woulkd uncloka as they wouldn't have that ability until you research it.

By the way do you think the Marauder and the Thor are scaled too big?
The thor should take as much ground space as an Ultralisk as that would still allow it to move up regular ramps.

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Reynr Author

Thor still can move on regular ramps
About Spectres, they're permanent cloaked and regain energy, my idea is give them a upgrade that allow Spectres have permanent cloaking ability and still regain energy, but before upgrade it still have to cloak manualy and reduce energy

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