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This modification for Command and Conquer - Tiberium Wars 3 and includes many changes in the game, some including new units, more tiberium for refineries and even end game units. More changes will soon follow (However, I will be unable to update further after June 2010) *which is when I graduate from college xD *

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Changelog v1.3

Updated nodelitetechcenter upgrade lasers and weapon sets for elite versions of
Tanks - avatar - buggy - ERWF TANKS
Updated specialpower requirements for elite status
Added elite air tower for GDI
Removed game dependency air units factions NOD GDI
Updated nod pitbul nuke upgrade - now fires one every ten seconds
Updated weapon sets for elite units and nod defected for elite laser upgrade
Added an upgrade option for GDI aa defence (works)
Fixed issue with GDI elite air tower - now has elite units
Updated tiberium eagle upgrade - now shows up on eliteopcenter and unit

if you would like other changes let me know ill consider it!

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