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This modification for Command and Conquer - Tiberium Wars 3 and includes many changes in the game, some including new units, more tiberium for refineries and even end game units. More changes will soon follow (However, I will be unable to update further after June 2010) *which is when I graduate from college xD *

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Updated weapons for elitecyborgcommando and deahtunitseven units
Elitecyborgcommando should be able to fire long range lasers
Deathunitseven is best used to kill once built
Updated Deathunitseven's Weapon
Updated Bush's Weapon
Changed boomer build time to around 4 minutes
Updated armor on boomer
Updated NOD GDI Silo capacity 2000 to 4000
Updated NOD HUD (in game menu system)
Updated NOD Soldiers and rockets dig in ability
Updated GDI rockets dig in ability
Updated dig in building option for nod soldiers/rockets
Updated the main menu again
Updated in-game hub menu
Updated apc maximum slots 4x
Updated avatar slots 2x maximum
Updated mammoth tanks slots 2x maximum
Added Gdi Elitepowerplant structure
Added Gdi Nuclearedplant structure (goes boom upon death lol)

Be sure to leave a comment if you think something in the mod needs a major change ^^ and I might consider it.

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