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You should really hear what we have to say and read it all carefully, you will not regret it!

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Welcome horror mod fans, we're in for a real treat tonight. Our team has been the driving force behind the Demons Vs Humans project for the last year and now we are pleased to announce some
real big changes in our group.

Table of Content

1. Team Introduction
2. Nightmare House 2 COOP
3. Demons VS Humans
4. F.A.Q
5. Media Updates

1. As you will read later on we just started a new mod, so we found ourself brought into the position of regrouping. There was a certain need of structure after deciding that our development will go on together. To please this need we formed our new group "Flashlight Studios". Flashlight Studios is now more structured and so will our videos and news post be. Instead of giving you a few screenshots over the time, we will centralize them all into one badass newspost. A website is in the final steps.

2. After Hen Mazolski, Mod leader of "We create Stuff", released the Nightmare House 2 source files, we decided to take the challenge, we described in his readme and in such terms we are now creating the official Nightmare House 2 COOP mod. Since we learned a lot about horror multiplayer with our first project Demons Vs Humans, we are doing our best to give you the best experience we can get you.

3. First of all, Demons Vs Humans will not be stopped developing! We are still working on it, to get it in a good shape, we are still adding features and we are still adding maps. After all the development is still going on and will be going on. We just released a sweet map preview with finalized versions of DonCornholio's maps. Take a look at his stunning work.


Do you have permission?

Yes. Thanks to Hen, we are looking forward to this project!

Can I discuss my ideas with the developers?

Yes, join the steam group.

Will Demons Vs Humans still be developed?

Yes, the development on each project compliments each other. There is a lot of weapons, abilities and team play elements we can take from our experience in Demons Vs Humans and reuse those to developing the NH2 COOP mod. We also allow all NEW development from this point forward to be shared between the projects. Demons vs Humans mod allows us to try out new ideas, and if we love them then we will bring them across into NH2 COOP.

What will I need to play NH2 COOP?

The same games you need to play NH2. Plus Half Life 2 Deathmatch. This may still be available for free to Nvidia and ATI graphic card owners, Google it. This free version worked with existing steam accounts also.

When will this be released?

When it is done, but if you have the patience to play in development games then join the beta test team above.

Any open positions?

We have new positions opening within the team. We are at the moment focused on looking for team members with a passion for modding to join the core team. Candidates that have time, patience and desire to work on this project throughout the course of the project.

Media Update

Nightmare House 2 COOP

Our moddb profile for NH2COOP got archived, so these pictures are on imageshack, I'm sorry. =(

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

Demons Vs Humans 2011 Map Preview

So This was our first news update for you guys. Tell us if you liked it and what you think about it.

Flashlight Studios



GMN here - I did the modelling for the NH2 project. If you ever need anything, drop me a line!

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Oh man I CANT WAIT for Nightmare House 2 COOP! I WANT IT NOW! ;(

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Man, that map is freaking huge. very impressive

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won't it be a bit.... too easy? Don't you think?

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Not a big fan of the glow outline for NH2Coop. It just kind of makes it less scary imo :/

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its optional, it can be disabled.

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