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This modification for Command and Conquer - Tiberium Wars 3 and includes many changes in the game, some including new units, more tiberium for refineries and even end game units. More changes will soon follow (However, I will be unable to update further after June 2010) *which is when I graduate from college xD *

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Changed end game units buildable in 30 minutes (both factions nod gdi)
Added unpack units and edited unpack time (partially workin' D: )
Updated NODTiberiumeagle weapon (except it's upgrade D: )
Removed Avatar Commandeer from Both War Factories
Added Four Upgrades to Avatar Instead
Flamer (works)
Beam (works I think)
Invisibility (not sure if it works.. but it should)
Updated both avatar upgrade's cost
Avatar upgrades all avatars (might change later if I figure it out)
Added a new unit ScorpionBoomer for Nod Elite Warfactory
ScorpionBoomers get nuked upon death

I will update The Scrin after GDI and NOD content mostly finished.

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