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Our hottest news so far - A cooperation with the #1 game server hosting company in Europe!, some news on the KS, and - our "Skyrise" hostage scenario in the revamped version (Thanks Pavle / defragen1), which we hope you'll enjoy as much as we do. Check it out!

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Hello guys,

Our KS-campaign has hit the 25% mark today - still a long way to go, but we're confident there will be more coming our way while we show more of the work that has been done on this game over the past four years.

So, here's the news first: today, we have signed a contract with G-Portal, the number one game hosting company in Europe.

G-Portal ( )
will help us out with server infrastructure in Europe, Asia and North America so we can get things underway, and furthermore, they'll offer the possibility for you guys out there to host your own TI:Reloaded server once TI:R goes Live!

This means that we can focus our efforts on finishing more and better content for you guys, knowing that we have a competent and reliable supporter on our side.

That being said, we think it's time to show you guys what Pavle has done with our classic multistage-hostage-scenario MIS_Skyrise - we love what he's done with the place, knowing what it used to look like...

Of course, him being Pavle, the improvements are not just on the outside - every corner of this map has been clipped neatly, the corridors and offices un-cluttered, and the helicopter spawn reintroduced.

If you want to see and evaluate the progress for yourself, find the movie sniplet with IMEIs unfortunate crash on "old Skyrise" in our "videos" section... :)

We've got more stuff planned for the next week, most of all a large dev video showing what our work and life is like behind the curtains.

Let us know what you think in the comments section - your feedback has given us some valuable input already, and we could always use more!

Take care, live long and, if you want, prosper,

- TI:R


You should also invest in Skirmish / AI matches as well. A lot of players enjoy playing a lone and/or with mods, so some kind of single-player is a must.

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Albatros44 Author

Hey man,

planning on something very much like that indeed, which is why Omega invested a lot of energy into making bots that are not actually useless.

Thanks for the input! :)

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