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This update adds a new story mission and many small, but important improvements.

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This update adds a new story mission and many small, but important improvements.

Mission VIII

You are desperate.
After all those failures, you are willing to steal darkest secrets of the Almadi civilization.
The knowledge of those secrets will change you, maybe even kill you, but without it, you have nothing.
At this point, you will do anything for another chance to Sector Six.


  • Compression grade and level limitations have been removed.
  • Changed the way opened region is saved and fixed several region saving issues.
  • Deep Path, Negati, and Labyrinth regions now have weaker minions.
  • Time rift is now called time vortex.
  • Now it’s possible to enter secure regions even if your inventory has more than 3 pages of items.
  • Region level bonus is now applied even if you fail the mission.
  • Part upgrade chance now can upgrade parts to mythical and etalon parts.
  • Parts dropped by modified enemies are upgraded - e.g.: Optimized part becomes an advanced part.
  • Added part upgrade chance amplifier.
  • Added infested defense nodes to Silaar region missions.
  • Improved part generator, less useful part properties are now less common.


  • Fixed: It was possible to use diodes on etalons.
  • Fixed: Minion long-lasting shield problem.
  • Fixed: Using anode on part upgraded with diode used to allow to apply diode again.
  • Fixed: Lodeon's Ultimatum set effect used to deal damage to your spaceship in secure regions.
  • Fixed: Obelisk used to block Swarm Control missiles.
  • Fixed: Map used to reset to Deep Path during the first play session.
  • Fixed: Alloy containers in inventory used to show wrong alloy percentage in secured regions.
  • Fixed: Leaking alloy container used to lose alloy after visiting secure regions.
  • Fixed: Minor modular difficulty system saving issue.
  • Fixed: Mission V on Niss glitch.
  • Fixed: Region level bonus was not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed: New game+ crash.
  • Fixed: Unit rewards in new game+ used to give the wrong amount of units.
  • Fixed: Small graphical Phase Recognition System description glitch.

Have fun!

Next update: Story mission IX and maze missions.

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