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As we near the end of March, Rooks Keep nears the end! New improvements include the addition of support for 3rd party Chess engines, maps and smoother combat.

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Greetings earth-people!

We're getting very near the end of RK now, and depending on various things, we hope to release toward the end of April! Hooray! We'll see how Greenlight treats us though, but at this point it looks like we'll be releasing elsewhere before Steam. Spread the word if ya'll can :)

Anyway, on the gameplay front, plenty of small tweaks and polish have gone on in the last few months. Still hoping to get a video or two out. I'll be adding some more screenshots of the new maps and such shorty as well.

One of the big new things though, is support for 3rd party Chess engines. Rather than us crafting a Chess AI in the limited time, and making of hash of it, we added support for Chess engines to be plugged into RK. Engines such as Stockfish and more. The AI is now very challenging, but we also have all sorts of difficulty settings too. Yay!

As we figure out release dates, cost, etc, we'll be announcing that. I'm also going to be taking time to get the website sorted and get my PR hat on. Hopefully plenty of juicy previews soon :)

Thanks for the support again people! If this goes well, we may get to do a shooter again down the line :D

Also, please remember to vote for Rooks Keep on Steam Greenlight!

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