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I've decided to introduce a new way of announcing what's going on with Wc3:WoW and what's new. Update logs! These logs will usually consist of only text, but some may include images and other content as well. The idea is to simply publicly announce a list of recently completed tasks as well as list what's being worked on or next in line to be worked on. This should give you all a more in-depth idea of what exactly is going on. Hope you like it!

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  • Character creation system redone entirely.
  • Fixed the 'Charge' ability.
  • Standard RTS camera removed.
  • Your character will now only auto-retaliate to attacks when the attacking target is directly in front of the your character. This is to prevent your character from turning/rotating to attack someone/something, causing the camera to move when you don’t necessarily want it to. (Should be enableable and disableable)
  • Mobs now have a scripted wander system so they do not flee without a logical purpose during combat.
  • Maximum party members limit is now set to 5. It used to be 3.
  • Added a “-sit” command to regenerate health and mana faster over time. When sitting, the unit must not move or else the health and mana regeneration process will return to normal regeneration rate.
  • The 'Stealth' ability is now enableable and disableable.
  • Rouge Energy system created and implemented properly. (100 energy)
  • Added a "-quit" text command which brings up an "Are you sure?" dialog with the options "Quit" and "No".

In Progress:

  • Healer classes controlled by A.I. flee a short distance when they take damage from a melee class.
  • Walking by using the arrow keys now function smoother and are less choppy.
  • Improve A.I. controlled characters slightly.
  • Begin scripting A.I. controlled characters to act and function properly in the new work-in-progress battleground 'Arathi Basin.'
  • Remove hero glow. (May be impossible)

[Video will be embedded in most news posts due to our being unable to upload the actual video file to the ModDB page.]

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