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A summary of what I have added in Native 2.1.3

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Update Log 07/07/17

In this update I really wanted to make the start a bit harder as it was too easy to just pick Swadia as your starting location, kill a bunch of looters and make an army of Swadian Knights. In this update I have redone the Bandit Troop Tree so they are much more tougher now making the start very perilous. I did this to make freelancing a viable option so you can build up a bank retire and start off with a bank load of cash. Or you can desert :D Some of the new bandit parties carry around a lot of denars now so if you are skilled and brave enough you can make a quick grand by killing a few bandit groups. Some bandit also have guns which will make it easier to obtain a firearm now. as I think it was much harder in 2.1.2. I did this as I don't see people trying to freelance to become a Master Gunner etc. just to get a gun. However the Flintlock Sniper Rifle is still only available though freelancing as a Nord Sniper.

1. I re did the Rhodok Troop Tree adding cavalry, gunners, guards and a better archer. I am trying to bust out updates very fast so I can create a full version before the holidays end so if there are any bugs or issues be sure to let me know so I can fix them. I've tried to make the Rhodok cavalry have two options; light or heavy cavalry so you can choose between a slow but tanky army or a fast and expendable army. I also added guards as the Rhodoks didn't have any soldiers with shields

2. I re did the bandits although I couldn't think of any good substitutes for Steppe bandits so they remain but I replaced Forest Bandits with my new looters because I also couldn't think of a substitute for them. The new bandits include; Pirates (Sea Raiders), Barbarians (Taiga Bandits), Hill Tribesman (Mountain Bandits), Slavers (Desert Bandits), Brigands, Thieves and Highwaymen (Looters)

3. I improved the Nord Troop Tree adding a few more units like Raiders and Nord Pirates

4. I added some more Damascus Steel Weapons that are very rare to find in marketplaces

5. I added a few more weapons as well like the Long Pike and the Executioner's Axe

6. I fixed some small problems with a few troops and items. I also made it so the Flintlock Rifle can now be used on horseback and has an ammo capacity of 4 bullets which really buffs the Sarranids as they are the only faction with Mounted Gunners at the moment

7. I added in a few subtle easter eggs :D

Once again I am only 14 and new to coding so don't ask for anything to crazy (like new factions) because I most likely wont know how to do it. But if you do have any good insight or ideas tell me and I will try to make it a reality.

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