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The update journal of the 8th of January 2013. New Mobs, Boss introduced, balance of gameplay and drops.

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This update message is 2 days behind since the game has just been added to indieDB. But every time the webplayer updates (and perhaps the stand-alones as well in the future), the update journal in the news will give a changelog. Older updates can be found on the website:

So here is the update journal of the 8th of January 2013

  • Added Tesla/Volt Tank & Flamethrower Tank as regular mobs.
  • Added TankCarrier as Boss.
    • Boss is very slow and has lots of hitpoints.
    • The boss will selfdestruct near your base (which means near imminent game over).
    • The boss model is still very ugly.
  • Added first test with some UVW textures on the basic tank body.
  • Smoke will appear if any unit has less then 40% health.
  • Gave the players more health.
  • Shortened the waves and added more variation.
  • Drops are less frequent.
  • Special drops are even less frequent.
  • Automatic shooting should stop if you died.
  • Driving audio is now available for all units.
  • Added the (T) button to toggle mouse-Y inversion.
  • Made the login screen a bit less boring.

Known Bugs/What has not been done:

  • Features that require login are not yet available for the game (storing funds, inventory, turret limit).
  • Multiplayer has some particle effects that are out of sync. IE: Smoke on server will clear after a few seconds, where on the clients it will clear right away after a kill.
  • Staying in the build menu will postpone the enemies from spawning if a wave hasn't started yet.
  • There are still some networking related bugs. Mainly latency / choking when a network call of a destruction arrived before the network call of another action for the same object.

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