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With the help of Ben (the other half of Hydezeke) and the folks who visited our booth at MAGFest, I've pushed our largest Steam update yet!

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Hey guys- I rarely update IndieDB, but I felt I should this week because it's a special occasion!

New Steam Build! Available at

  • 14 total battles (up from 7)
  • 2-3 hours of content (up from ~45 minutes)
  • Fully working party menu
  • Fully working inventory system
  • Stealth levels!
  • Fully working preparations screen (draft units before battle)
  • Work-in-progress upgrade system (check party menu at level 10)
  • Skits! (Optional dialogues on the world map)
  • New dialogue sprites!
  • More UI polish
  • Check enemy vision lines by clicking them!

Also, FLAMBERGE was shown at the MAGFest Indie Videogames Showcase, where we won 2 runner-up awards! 2nd place for art, and 2nd place for best-in-show!


To any people curious about the game, please follow the Twitter:
Or the Steam page:

Also, feel free to email the devs at We love emails!

-Michael @Hydezeke

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