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Update featuring a new LMG, Vehicle and an update on the Tiger tank. Also so MP gameplay types!

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Update: Janurary 11th 2010

Hello boys and girls (if any),

We found it time for another update, so here it comes.

Our team staff is always brainstorming about the gameplay, levels, gametypes, models and you name it! Just to make this mod as perfect as it can be.

As always in our updates we have got some nice screens for you guys. Sadly enough not any level designing screens yet or any videos as we are in a too early stage for that.
This time we have got a new LMG, a new vehicle and an update on the Tiger heavy tank.
Also a MG42 is work in progress as well as a mobile mortar system.

The gametypes for multiplayer are still under discussion but so far we got:


Name is still under disscussion since BF series already use it.

This Gametype is like the Battlefield Series Gametype and COD series Domination.
Players have to capture flags/outposts,those flags can be used to spawn back.
Those "flags" also spawn vehicles. This means if the spawnpoint is under control of your team
it will provide extra firepower.

"Capture The Flag/Intel"

Name is still under disscussion.

Gametype is known very well and should explain itself, both teams have to steal eachother's intel or flag, first team which reaches an amount of flags wins.


1 player is the Juggernaut, he got increased health and weapons, when the Juggernaut got killed the killer of the previous juggernaut will become the juggernaut.

These are the gametypes we have tought of so far, if you got any ideas for us feel free to share them

Now i guess it's time for some screens. I'd like the new M1919A4 + Tripod to make the kickoff with.
This .30 caliber monster was widelely used from 1919 until the 60's with a lot of varations like the M1919A6 wich also will be featured with a Bipod and a removable stock.

Screens will be shown in the Image Gallery.


Next up is the new car, the Kubelwagen. A german vehicle suitable for up to 4 soldiers and was able to add a mounted MG on the passenger seat. You can see this as the German version of the Willy's jeep. Note that this is still Work In Progress and a lot may be changed before it's 100% done.

Screens will be shown in the Image Gallery.


And finally but not least, the update of the Tiger tank wich works flawlessly ingame already!
There has been given a lot of detail to attention. We are sorry about how the tracks look like in those screens but don't worry it won't be like that ingame.
Also im glad to tell that it's currently being having a very nice "paintjob" of
Bigfish now. I have seen some screens of it myself and they look really stunning and i hope you guys will think the same of it too.
Altough no textured yet in those screens but they are soon to come.

Screens will be shown in the Image Gallery.


Well this was the update for now, make sure you stay tuned because next update will feature the Textured Tiger, the MG42 and even more.

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