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First update, it's finally here! Three massive bosses added, new ship parts, new abilities, new reward types, new enemies, new backgrounds, new enemy intelligence and much more!

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  • Now you can hold left/right mouse buttons to fire.
  • Re-balanced XP/enemy health/enemy damage.
  • Enemies can now have special abilities - traits, that change their attributes and behavior.
  • Various AI changes.
  • Information system has been added, in future there will be more files.
  • Added two new rarity levels to ship parts: Extant - rare, etalon - super rare.
  • Mythical parts now have 1 more property.
  • Mythical parts are now even rarer.
  • Inventory size has been increased to 56 slots!
  • Some minor errors with item generator fixed.
  • Some item properties re-balanced.
  • Results screen has been updated.
  • Sound lag fixed.
  • New sounds and music added.
  • You can now disable particles and floating text.
  • Option buttons now have tooltips that explain what they do.
  • Confirmation added when pressing ESC to leave.
  • You can now name your ship!
  • Now ship moves with inertia.
  • Shield has been removed.
  • Now you can access options from main menu.
  • Main menu improved.
  • Various features that should help new players to get in game has been implemented.

New enemies added:

  • Veteran
  • Sniper
  • Mosaic
  • Barrager
  • Obelisk
  • Assault carrier
  • Invasion core
  • Onslaught leader

Improved technologies and abilities:

  • You can now see how much technology points you have.
  • You now spend technology points to unlock and even upgrade abilities.
  • You can now reset and get back spent technology points.
  • Updated ability tooltips to provide more information.
  • Inactive elder blades ability has been removed.
  • Jam engines ability renamed to immobilize.
  • Ability effects has been re-balanced.

New abilities added:

  • Reap armour
  • Execution system
  • Aggravating ray

Part limit has been added to balance ship growth:

  • Limit increases with your level, making leveling even more important.
  • Since there's no level cap, your ship size is only limited to building field size!
  • Limit was implemented, because I can't add shops and other ways to obtain parts without it.
  • Ship would quickly become enormous!
  • Part limit also gives depth to ship building.
  • Previously you would just place obtained parts, now you will have to choose which parts to use.

Graphic improvements:

  • Some areas now have unique backgrounds, in future all areas will have them.
  • Level up graphical effects added.
  • Ability graphical effects added/updated.
  • Effect to indicate that you are taking damage added.

New mission type added - encounter!

  • Instead of killing many minions, you will have to kill one of three strong unique minions.
  • Completing encounter missions will give you improved rewards.

Three new reward types added:

  • Experimental or better ship part reward.
  • Random reward, it can reward with experience, technology reset or part.
  • Technology reset & 2 technology resets reward.

To all who played first version and helped to improve it - huge thanks! Development is still not over, so I hope you guys will continue to help me.

Sorry, that this update has no new story missions! I am planning to do massive changes to game engine and I couldn't implement story without these changes.

Keep following the game, this update is just one of many!

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