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A lot of new, non-native goodies being brought to the original unreal engine!

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We have added some great things that would basically make you look at the limits of the first unreal engine in a way more wide and open perspective.

Here's what is has been made, or is in development:

-Media Codecs
-GIF (Yes, even animated ones), JPEG, and other formats

-A brand, spanking new conversation system written from scratch with more features than the old one.

-Feature to add cutscenes to levels at any time.

-New menu interaction.

-Stereophonic sound, meaning you can import stereo tracks with Left and Right channels like MP3, WAV, WMA, etc. and get great quality.

-Geometry Interaction. You can walk up to a wall, or some certain form of level geometry and click a button printed across it like a touch screen device.

-The ability to overhear conversations. See if evesdropping can get you some info that you might need.

And that's just the beginning... Why spoil anything else? ;)


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