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This article will go over everything that has happened since the last update as well as going over what will be happening from this point forward.

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Hello everyone! We are aware that it has been quite a while since we have release any updates so we decided to make it up to those of you waiting by releasing a pretty big update and let you all know what's going on so without farther delay, let me begin. (We are going to be completely honest with what is going on)

#1. We are not a "dead project". This project is being constantly worked on by us but due to the limited team member and the availability of them we are currently experiencing very short bursts of a lot of work and then basically little to no work for a bit after that.
#2. We are currently working on recruiting more members to our development team to let us get more progress done on the game.For those of you that have made development teams I am sure you are aware of how difficult and extended this process is, and for those of you that don't.... it's a long and ridiculous process.
#3. All of our previous models are being redone and completely reworked by our development team due to the high number of vert counts on all the previous models being way over the limit to make a game that doesn't require a super-computer. With this being said we are still having very good graphics and details implemented in all aspects of the game using the High-Poly model baking method. For those of you that know this process once again good job, and for those of you that don't let's just say that I have been watching WynterWolf do it for about a month now and I still don't even understand what how you can put a "High-Poly model" in the oven to bake it... (It was a joke guys, relax we haven't hit that level of sleep deprivation yet...) PS: All images of previous models will be either removed or labeled as "OUTDATED".
#4. All of our previous programming regarding the game server and client has been completely reworked by Draugole to allow myself (JayGhoul) to have the ability to work on the system that will run the entire game in regards to content and mobs etc. (For those of you that are familiar with the SAO WorldSeed Engine & the Cardinal System, they are similar to what I am attempting to make)
#5. We currently do not have an animator due to the last two animators doing 1/2 of an animation in 2-4 months and then never finishing it. (The animations weren't the best either whether it be creativity or smoothness since we know you would not like to watch your character reach through his stomach to pull out his gun...) Now Draugole is handling animations as well while we search for another animator.
#6. Both of our Audio Producers have not contacted anyone in the team in the last approximately 2-4 weeks leaving us at a very difficult point as one of them is a extremely talented music producer who we definitely want to keep on the team, while the other hasn't submitted anything to us since the day he was hired.
#7. The official map concept layout has been completed and will be uploaded as a proper image after this article is posted. Along with the map concept getting the layout of the places in the world such as cities and dungeons done as this is being typed.
#8. Our Pre-Alpha server is currently being worked on and is playable other than the fact that you can not interact with other players which is being worked on as this is being written as well. Our Pre-Alpha map is also being worked on as we speak, however it will only be 5k x 5k during the Pre-Alpha.
#9. PvE & PvP damage system, "How will it work?". We will release all the information we currently have regarding the combat system and the leveling system to you during the next update or sometime around it since it is a ridiculous amount of typing on top of the already answering one hundred questions a day and programming.
#10. Additionally, we will be completely updating all the information in the Q&A and adding more threads about the other information such as the combat system, leveling system, and other systems.
#11. Future updates. We will attempt to put out an update every two weeks, however if we find that we have nothing completed enough to release an update, we would not like to waste yours or our time writing an update log for 2 items so if the content proves to be incomplete at the two week mark we will delay the update till the next date.

Thank you for reading this ridiculously long update log. We hope you have a great day and continue the support of CyberShot and HNG! :)
~Hidden Network Games

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