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Just a summary of what's new with the demo, and a newer version for download-testing.

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Hello everyone, It's update time!
We are one more version away from the final Demo. So now is the time to get the Demo and try it out, because the FINAL version is going to be a lot shorter!

It's been a busy while with work, but I've been able to keep up with game development and progress a lot to the story/gameplay post-demo, as well as do major touch ups in the demo portion.

Map overlay changes, Fog, forest, clouds.

Dialogue changes,
adjustments/shortening made for quicker progression purposes.
Silent protagonist - Rather than speaking, the Protagonist uses only "speech bubbles" and "choices." When interacting with objects, he "Thinks" in brackets.

More Secrets/interactions

Weapon hidden somewhere for trial.

Skill hidden somewhere for trial.

Potions removed, now fill a one time use jar full of "Tree Sap." for difficulty improvement.

Stamina Bar, no more spamming the attack button, strategy is now an important factor to each opponent until you can sufficiently defeat them.

Boss difficulty increased. Becomes exponentially easier with each level up.

Monsters are fairly strong at first, be careful and gear up when possible and level up!

New events, and a lot more...

I could go on about what's been added, but it's best to just try it out now for yourselves while there is a whole "dungeon" to explore before I decrease the demo length.
Enjoy, and let me know if you find any problems/bugs of the sort.
Download Ignarus' new version HERE or in the Files section.

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