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We are working on the mod, but have a question about the small 1.9.1 update for you.

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We started working on this mod since last week again as you know. I could already fix some bugs, but to tell the's really hard work to fix this mod and I am not sure if it's worth.

Since we are planning to start with the mod from scratch, adding small things one by one again, I wanted to know if we should focus on an bigger update for 1.9, that would include balance changes etc. too, or a small fix which got only crash fixes and a few adjustments.

This is already done:


-No more crashing when picking up crates (Forgotten)


-Rocket Turret upgrade missing cameo added (GDI)
-Tiberium Core is now buildable (Forgotten)
-Trampler buildable (Forgotten)
-Tripod buildable (Forgotten)


-Start Cash up to 34250
-AI decreased attack delays
-AI increased money bonus
-AI defense teams changed to max 1
-Complete unit cost overhaul (more details later)

Known issues:

-Game freezes sometimes after a unit explodes.
-Random freezes
-Random map generator crashes game
-Campaign not playable at all
-Missing buildup animation for Nod Pyramid (not sellable bug)
-Missing buildup animation for Nod Montauk (not sellable bug)

More fixes will be included, also we are going to change unit balance and cost, some units are way to expensive.

Also we would be grateful if people can give us feedback about balance and report bugs. With your help development can definitely be speeded up!

For you need a bigger update for the current version, or should we focus on rebuilding the mod as soon as possible?


Those changes you listed would be really nice to have, if you can especially fix those random freezes, I would like to have the update to fix that whenever you can release it. :-)

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-Game freezes sometimes after a unit explodes.

I experience the same in my mod. At least I think its that. Any clue what is causing this?

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Astor Author

I have no plan, I am investigating it...

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I think rebuilding the mod from scratch would be the best idea. Would be a lot easier to balance out the sides.

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