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Summaries progress in the mod development. New bugs and challenges to overcome.

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Development has been paused for a while now. But in the coming months it will be resumed. Sadly Creative Bullets has closed it's doors and is defunct. However they are kind enough to keep the CoD2 Merciless Mod 2 Test server up. Along with there CoD1 servers.

I have discovered in many days of random bot matches. The Merciless Gore Mod (custom player models and gibbing) causes bone errors. The 3d models are made or converted wrong. It can't be partial removed, all of it must go. Even gibbing alone causes rare bone errors. V3.4 will have no gore mod along with many improvements.

Going to add back in the bloodpools and bloodsplatting later on as that is a cool feature.

If anyone wants an early version of Merciless Mod 2 V3.4 let me know. It's not 100% for release but is more stable than V3.3. Could always use a person or two to beta test it. Perhaps they can give another perspective on new ideas or uncover overlooked bugs.

Going to hold off on updates until V3.4 Public Beta. Don't want to over hype the mod.

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