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For just 8 days after the release of 'Courage', we proudly announce the "possible" release date for its heart-pounding sequel.

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"Imagine you're walking on a forest alone; imagine you started to see things which scares you; you want to stop your imagination; but, can you?"

Quick Recap

Just a little preview of the game for you fans out there ;) The game's story takes place 2 years after the first game. You now play as Alexander, an 18 year old student who joins his class' field trip on a remote forest to study about genetic plants. As you explore the forest, you forgot that your bus will be leaving soon and yet you continue on your adventure until you reached the deep part of the forest where its been closed to the public for some time now due to its incident where, the "unknown gas" spread out from the main research building which is located nearby. You struggled your way back, but failed. Now you're alone in this large-remote forest where no one can hear you scream for help.


The gameplay is pretty much a complete overhaul from the first game. And almost all of you requested, yes, the player can now sprint. We also improved the health-system of the game, you now can't easily die from multiple jumpscares unlike the first game. And I know this will pretty much solve every flaws you told me in the first game, we added checkpoints now so you won't constantly be going back to the beginning of the game if you die. There's still more improved gameplay features that I will be posting on. Stay tuned!

Release Date

The release date for now (as planned) is on January next year. If somehow there's an unexpected things that can delay the release, don't worry for either we will release the game on January or in February.


We worked hard on this one and we deserve to have a little 'income' for that. The game costs $9.99 USD. Hahahahahahaaha! XD Ofcourse I'm joking! The game is FREE!!!! LOL. :)

So stay tuned! and pray this will go to the books again and made it to top 10 horror games someday! GB, stay tuned for more updates, and always, have the courage!
~Dranreb Benedicto

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