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After lollygaging a bit with my studies, I have touched a bit on my mod and worked on it, not only new content has added, but also some of the old ideas has changed:

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About the FACTIONS:To starters, the faction of FALLENWOOD has been renamed to LUCCUNDIA (the name derivates from the latin word "Luccus", that means "sacred forest"). The next is that the faction of VLAADIA won't be added. Why many of you may ask? Well a simple reason: Balance and Resources. The faction of VLAADIA was going to take inspiration on medieval western-slavic nations (mainly Poland and Bohemia) and baltic tribes (prussians, lithuanians, livonians, etc), however, the faction, in both of terms stetically and the troops were TOO similar to the Swabians, and because of that, I have decided to remove as I couldn't find a way to make them unique; So the list of the factions are the following (with their cultural inspiration):

  • Swadia: high medieval Frankish realms, France, Holy Roman Empire, Bohemia, Poland.
  • Rhodokia: Northen Italian nations (Savoy, Genoa, Milan, Venice, etc.)
  • Sarranid: Maghrebian nations, Levantine empires (Ayyubid), Arabic Peninsula nations.
  • Khergit: Turco-Mongol empires (Mongol Empire, Golden Horde, Volga Bulgaria, Khazaria, etc.).
  • Nordland: pre-christian Scandinavian nations (Vikings, duh)
  • Vaegir: Kievan Rus', Finnic tribes (Finnish, Mordvin, etc), Baltic tribes (Prussian, Livonian, etc.)
  • Pyrennia: Iberian nations (Castile, Portugal, Al-Andalus, Aragon, etc.), Occitan nations (Toulouse, Provence, Gascony, etc.)
  • Geroia: Southern Italian states (Norman Sicily, German Sicily, Angevin Sicily, etc.), Papal States, Crusader States.
  • Antolia: Byzantine Empire, Georgia, Alania, Armenia, Albania, Greek states (Trebizond, Theodoro, etc.)
  • Luccundia: England, Brittany, Normandy, Scotland, Ireland.
  • Magoria: Hungary, Balkan nations (Bulgaria, Wallachia, Serbia, etc.)
  • Zadia: Mali Empire, Ethiopia.
  • Phanraj: Turco-Persian empires (Seljuk, Timurids, Ilkhanate, Mughal), Hindustan.
  • Jin: China, Korea, Japan.


  • Kashkan's story has been re-made and is now more simple and less exaggerated. She just simply is an ex-member of a mercenary company who's previous captain went mad and attempted to kill everyone, being she the only survivor of the carnage.
  • Marcolier's story has been re-made and now is more simple and less exaggerated: He now used to be a kind-of-popular mercenary captain back in the day, however, he was framed for assasination, he spent many years in prison until he was recently proven to be innocent.
  • Shorzava 'of the steppes': She's the new addition. She's an outlaw who used to punish the evil, no matter if were outlaws like her or enjoyed full legality inside the system, but she got backstabbed by her companion and left to get captured by a band of bandits, but she managed to scape and she seeks revenge.
  • Haldur: He is confirmed that he'll be part of the mod. A very traditionalist noble who got his titles revoked.
  • Baudika: She's gonna be next after Haldur. Her story kinda changed: Daughter of a veteran warrior who was not allowed to join the army even tho she was more than qualified; she attempted a revolt against the greedy village elder of her town, but her plan was crushed by peasant supporters of the elder and got expelled from her home, now she seeks to get a chance to join a mercenary company, even if she plans to return one day and settle accounts to her village.

About the MAP:

The first version of the mod that will come downloadable, the pre-alpha, will not have any changes upon the vanilla map, no new physicaly terrain added nor towns or cities, this means factions like the Geroians and Zadians will be missing and many factions will only own 1 city. In following versions of the mod, the map will have minor changes in each update, the final version will have the map balanced for all factions and many parts of the physical map will change, without morphing greatly the shape of the vanilla continent.


The mod will have banners made by me. Like Floris mod, the player, companions and vassals will utilize different banners for each other.

about ITEMS:

So far, the only items added are armour, for the vanilla factions and the newer ones. Weapons will be implemented late as adding their states is slightly harder, considering that the reach depends on the measure of the weapons or else it will lead to some funny situations. Food will carry 150 units rather than 50, New foods are planned be added:

  • Olives
  • Legumes
  • Ale
  • Wine
  • Liqueur
  • Chocolate
  • Paprika
  • Coffee
  • Water
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Garum

I hope this "update" is welcomed. Sorry if I cannot update that frequent, my studies are interfering a lot and another big week of homework is comming, so probably another pause on my mod will come.

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